Friday Favorites: Instagram Accounts

It’s Friday! Another amazing week has passed and now it is time for the weekend. Tonight is saved for homemade hamburgers, sweet potato fries, a movie, wine, and a whole lot of cuddling. I love date night! I wanted to dedicate this Friday’s Favorites to my favorite Instagram accounts. I get so inspired by the amazing accounts I follow, I hope you will like them as well.

1. vanezia_blum: Sushi loving, ass-kicking German beauty. Vanezia is an inspiration above all. Her posts all full of delicious eats, intense workouts, and new projects. Although her blog and posts are in German you can’t stop yourself from google translating her tips, advice, and life endeavors.

photos taken from Vanezia_Blum instagram

photos taken from Vanezia_Blum instagram

2. chelsweetsnyc: If you are addicted to sweets like me then this is the Instagram page for you. Chelsea is an amazing baker who share her passion, love, and art with her brightly illustrated photographs. Living in NYC and sharing recipes with the rest of us.

photos taken from Chelsweets instagram

photos taken from Chelsweets instagram

3. kosherlikeme: Kosher delights, holidays must-haves this lady has it all for you. The best part is that you can have easy access to all her recipes on her blog! A mother, a cook, a blogger, and a baker she just inspires me to try and work harder in the kitchen.

photos taken from kosherlikeme instagram

photos taken from kosherlikeme instagram

4. bakedby_lucy: Aspiring business owner and experienced baker, Lucy is an account that MUST be followed. Her choux pasty swans was like something out of a fairy tale book and her chocolate cupcakes practically made me drool on the phone screen. I see amazing things ahead for this girl.

photos taken from bakedby_lucy instagram

photos taken from bakedby_lucy instagram



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