Welcome to March Madness

It’s the second day of March and oh-my-goodness there is so much going on this month. I have a few goals set in mind for this month as my cooking is improving and I’m slowly working on incorporating some fitness to my lifestyle.

Last month I worked on my cooking, breaking the walls of baking, and starting to look up written recipes as opposed to only YouTube videos. This month is all about trying new things, and getting some workout in my day-to-day life. I love to cook, but getting to workout for 30 minutes a day is A LOT harder for me than it is to spend hours in the kitchen cooking.

What are some of your goals for the new month?

Here is a list of recipes I’m dying to try this month:

1. Tacos

I’m kind of obsessed with taco recipes right now and I really want to try our some recipes, They are so easy to pack, deliciously wrapped in corn tortillas, and have so much punch, kick, and flavor to each bite.

2. Pies

A dessert I have been dying to try to make ever seen since Pushing Daisies, the best TV show ever! I would just love to learn how to make a homemade strawberry pie. I will have to find the perfect occasion to present this incredibly rich dish.

photo taken from mrwallpaper.com

photo taken from mrwallpaper.com

3. Veggie Month

This month I want to incorporate at least one fully veggie dish into my day-to-day lifestyle. I’ll probably make it my lunch, since the boyfriend loves to eat chicken, fish, and beef, so getting him to eat fully vegetarian would just not fly. I made a list of fully vegetarian dishes that I gathered from different blogs and cookbooks. If you are interested please let me know and I will email you a copy.

photo taken from theveehive.com

photo taken from theveehive.com

4. Hummus

This dish is on my “Must Make It This Month” list. It’s such a necessity in everyday life and I can’t stand the store-bought kind. It does take some ahead of time preparation, which is why I will have to plan it for a weekend when I’ll actually be home.

photo taken from elmeza.com

photo taken from elmeza.com

What are some recipes on your list for March?



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