Friday Favorites: Wish-list

Good morning everyone! It’s Friday!!! Woot woot can’t believe the weekend is here! This weekend is going to be non-stop baking for me as our Jewish holiday goes into full swing next week and I have so many hamanstachen to make! My parents are in for a little shock as their kitchen will be full of freshly baked trays of triangle cookies.

Today’s post is a little fantasy related, it reflects my wish-list right now. I’m pretty sure the list can go on forever and ever and ever so I decided to narrow it down to four wish-list items.

What is on your wish-list? Any advice you can give for a beginner cook like me?

1. Tacolicious

A cookbook sharing all the secrets of the Tacolicious restaurant in San Francisco. The author, Sara Deseran, co-owner of the establishment, gives the reader an opportunity to recreate the tacolicious experience at home. I actually flipped through this book and it has so much variety. This would make for a great summer read, because I have a feeling a lot of outdoor grilling is going down in a few short months and since the boyfriend’s favorite beer is Corona, a taco just seems to fit.

photo taken from amazon

photo taken from amazon

2. A stand mixer

After doing all this baking and looking into moving on from hamantaschen to breads, cupcakes, and maybe even cakes it got me thinking, I will probably need a stand mixer at some point. This is an item I will have to save for, because the good brands are so expensive and I want to make sure I have one that will last me a very long time! Birthday gift mom *cough and dad *cough.

photo taken from

photo taken from

3. The New Book of Middle Eastern Food

Written by Claudia Roden, I have gotten so many recommendations for this book. Easy to make, delicious, and authentic recipes that will be a sure hit with the boyfriend and my family and friends. I love the middle eastern cuisine, because there is a perfect balance of meats, salads, and carbs. I love that there are so many fish recipes and the sauces are endless. I think this book will be perfect in expanding my knowledge and cooking experience.

the new book of middle eastern cooking

photo taken from amazon


4. Wine Bottle Stopper

With reading French Women Don’t Get Fat, I have decided to start investing in wine bottles, a glass a night or every other night of white wine will just finish the day so perfectly. Plus this wine stopper is really adorable with a cowboy boot strapped to the top of it!




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