Kind of in Love

Yesterday as I was sifting through my favorite sites one of which is The Nosher, Jewish Foods I discovered the most interesting of finds . I don’t keep Kosher, but being Jewish and Israeli I always like to keep up with the cool events, and blogs that are trending.

I love how the writer, Shannon Sarna, really brings out her opinion in the pieces. She is blunt, forward, and also genuine, which makes her a reliable blogger to follow. I scrolled down her blog page and stumbled on one of the coolest things every inedible jewelry ! You can even shop their jewelry on etsy. Well I was in love! The handcrafted, delicate, and super detailed artwork is just the most precious and wonderful thing I have ever seen in my life.

Being food obsessed, which is an understatement for me, I just know I have to order a few for myself. With so many choices I’m so conflicted on what to choose! They have cupcakes, doughnuts, challah, beer mugs, even macaroons. I love creative finds on etsy, the prices are pretty well-balanced considering the amount of effort put into these jewelry (ranging from $20-$28). I thought of these as being great holiday gifts, graduation, and birthday. They are so small, yet personal, plus they provide both a comic and fashionable take on life.

Be sure to check them out!

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