Living Deliciously on a Budget

Good morning everyone! This post is going to be dedicated for all my people out there on a strict budget. Some of you might be thinking that in order to stay within budget you have to compromise the quality of your food, I’m here to tell you that is not true.

photo taken from

photo taken from

This past week I spent thinking about ways that I can reduce my grocery bill, but still have an incredibly tasty and enjoyable week. This is the system I came up with.

According to French Women Don’t Get Fat, I realized that usually Mireille would do a light breakfast filled with eggs, carbs, and some sugar. For lunch she went for a vegetarian ensemble and no carbs, then dinner was meant for the heavier meal of chicken (or fish), vegetables, and carbs of some sort with a glass of wine, of course. I decided that I liked the concept and wanted to implement it to my life. However I wanted to change lunch and dinner and have lunch be my meal with carbs and dinner be my protein and vegetable meal with a glass of wine.

I figured if I plan my meals about 3 days in advance I can change things up, save money, and stay on track to live a healthy, happy, and enjoyable life.

photo taken from

photo taken from


1) Buy in bulk (if you can buy fish and chicken and keep it in the freezer do it) you can take out just a few pieces each week to create your dinner or lunch.

2) Look for seasonal vegetables (seasonal vegetables tend to be cheaper and often times you can even find inexpensive organic versions)

3) Stick to a three-day menu, so you can plan out what to buy, how to eat, and not get bored with your week.

4) Stock up on spices and herbs. Spicing up your fish or chicken will make the dish new, refreshing, and delicious each time you consume it.

One Day example

photo (57)



some kind of bread and a little butter

one fruit (or 1/2 cup of juice)

coffee or tea (with 1tsp sugar)


multi-vegetable paella (I made enough for about 3 servings)



fish (or chicken)

green beans and carrots sautéed

glass of white wine or a piece of chocolate





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