Kotlet (A Persian Burger)


Recipe by: Lerone Edalati

*contact information at the bottom of the post

(The most wonderful, beautiful, and incredible friend a girl could ask for)

photo 2-2

I am so happy that my friend finally handed over her Kotlet recipe. Originally made with beef I used turkey to make the meal less heavy. I also love substituting turkey for beef, because my stomach can digest it better. You might also want to add additional seasoning if you are using turkey or chicken meat, because beef has a lot more flavor to it. I love how easy this recipe was to make and now I have my meal prep for the next week, I also think my boyfriend will enjoy a few patties himself.

Today is also my mother’s birthday. It was nice to wake up to the smell of cooking as she walked to the kitchen to be greeted on her special day. My mother is a wonderful woman, with a tongue of honesty and the heart of an angel. I love that she is always supportive, but will speak her mind. She might break you down, but sit next to you when you cry and make a plan B. I can always count on her to be straight forward with me and that has made me a braver, healthier, and happier woman. She has made me the person I am today.

Serves: 4 people

1 large potato

1 small onion

1 pound ground beef (I used turkey meat)

1 egg

Grape seed oil (I used vegetable oil)

1 tsp cinnamon (or ½)

ground white pepper (½ tsp)

salt (1 tsp–depends on the meat)

*I added Paprika and Cumin

photo 3-2

Grind the potato and onion in a food processor. Mix the ground beef, egg, ground potatoes and onions, cinnamon and pepper in a bowl. Taste meat and add salt as needed. Fold meat several times to ensure that all ingredients are mixed properly. Place meat into an ice cream scooper and fill to the brim. Shape the patties into flat, even disks and lay into broiler pan. Broil patties on each side for 8-10 minutes. Make sure that kotlet pieces are browned and crispy before removing from onion.

photo 4-2

photo 1-2

photo 5

*For more recipes, cooking classes, etc. from Lerone Edalati please make sure to contact her at 516-244-6269 or email her at lerone.edalati@gmail.com, this is one contact you don’t want to miss!



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