Friday Favorites: Recipe Blogs

Yay! Today is Saturday! Finally the weekend has begun! What’s more amazing is that I am only working for one day this weekend! Sunday is my mother’s birthday and we are going out to celebrate so I took the day off from work, woot woot!

This post is dedicated to my “go-to” blogs for inspiration, recipes, and lots of delicious ideas.

1. Primal Palate

Hayley and Bill created this amazing interactive site, where not only can you get recipes and food ideas, but you can also post your own creations. It has so much variety from holiday, to themes, to different types of cuisines. I love how you can get swept up in all the incredible information and find out you spent hours just looking up different recipes. There are also some interesting stories about people who’s lives changed after they switched from eating un-healthy to healthy.

primal palate

2. Cave Girl in the City

Kenzie is your crossfitting fashionista with an incredible knack for cooking. Her recipes are easy to follow, incredibly delicious, and so diverse. I really love how many desserts she posts, because let’s face it that’s my weak spot. New to the kitchen? No problem, Kenzie actually has “how to” tutorials that will teach you all the kitchen basics you need to know.

cave girl in the city 2

3. Paleo with Mrs. P

Such an incredible blog. I stumbled upon this blogger through Instagram and I just haven’t stop reading her posts. Her recipes are simple, but essential for everyday life. Although a semi-new blogger I have no doubt that she will develop to be one of the most read, watched, and followed bloggers of the new year. You go girl!

paleo with mrs p






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