Let’s Talk About Fish

I am kind of crazy about fish, whether it’s salmon, flounder, or even tuna I just love how light I feel after I’m done with my meal. Although I have been trying to cut down my carbs I have been finding it hard to eat so much meat. I usually start feeling super heavy and a little depressed, because of the heavy-ish feeling brought on by excessive amount of meat consumption.

Fish doesn’t have that effect on me, so as a result I have decided to implement more fish and seafood into my diet as opposed to more meat.

Apart from being super light, fluffy, and delicious fish are also a great source of nutrition. They provide you with omega-3, which is important for heart health, it improves skin and hair, eases depression, and boosts brain development amongst other things! To learn more about the benefits of eating fish make sure to check out 7 Life-Enhancing Reasons to Eat Fish from Everyday Health.

If you have trouble fitting fish into your diet you can always take supplements, but here are some fun ways of changing up your diet and fitting healthy omega-3 into it.

Some healthy fish options

Some healthy fish options

1. Breakfast: Smoked salmon sometimes referred to as “lox”

Spread the salmon on a slice of Ezekiel, gluten-free bread, or the bread of your choice and there you go!

You can also place the salmon in your morning omelette with some spinach and cheese (if you choose) and here is another second great option.

2. Snack: Tuna

Ever thought about adding some fish to your afternoon snacks? How about making a cucumber, tuna mini sandwiches. Place tuna, goat cheese, or cream cheese, in between two slices of cucumber and there you go!

Or whip up a little tuna salad by adding some Dijon mustard, celery, and scallions to the tuna and placing it inside slices of bell peppers (I got this idea from Autumn Calabrese the creator of 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme).

3. Lunch: Fish fillet with a side of veggies and a small serving of sweet potato, rice, or quinoa.

There are so many different kinds of fish that it is hard to decide which one to have for lunch, how about switching your fish every two days. Two days of salmon, two days of flounder, then two days of tuna steak. If you switch up your meals you are less likely to get bored.

4. Dinner: Fish cakes

Not in the mood for fillets you can make yourself delicious fish cakes. There are simple and healthy recipes for salmon and white fish cakes that I have easily found. If you have a hard time finding ones that meet your health restrictions I always go to look for paleo fish cakes, because I know they will be healthy and made with all natural ingredient, even though I’m not paleo it still works well for me.

dinner and lunch options

dinner and lunch options




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