Oven Baked Chicken Legs and Roasted Veggies


7am waiting for the bus

7am waiting for the bus

Good morning my lovely readers! It’s another freezing day here in the city, but I am happy to report that my delicious meals are stacked away in my backpack, which means this girl is on track for her bikini body this summer.

Practical Paleo

Practical Paleo

Yesterday I had some free time to head over to the library and grab the amazing book called “Practical Paleo” by Diane Sanfilippo. I had been looking for a cookbook where I could find simple, delicious, and easy to make low-carb meals for work, family, and my boyfriend so I would have an easier time being on track. Luckily for me the library carried it. Let me tell you I fell in love. I will be purchasing this book and her Mediterranean Paleo book for sure! Who would have believed that me, the girl who was scared to boil an egg, would be cooking out of a cookbook. Just a year ago I would have laughed at the thought of buying a cookbook, because I thought it would be too hard to understand. Little by little I have grown more comfortable with cooking and actually fell in love with the art of mixing spices and finding that perfect taste. Although I’m not paleo I like the clean eating recipes that are offered. I like that I can make a low-carb meal and still feel satisfying afterwards. Plus for the next few weeks I can’t eat processed food or touch artificial sweeteners, due to a medical issue, so why not try a few of her amazing recipes.

It all comes down to will power, “If there is a will, there is a way” and I truly believe that. If you really want to be healthy you will find a way to do it. Last night I made Diane’s Shrimp and Pesto Fettuccine and it came out incredible! I had to make a few modifications since I couldn’t find cilantro I switched it with basil and the Macadamia nuts I switched to cashews and oh my god it tasted like heaven in my mouth! The recipe only took about 25 minutes to make and the reward was a delicious, home-cooked, low-carb, healthy meal. I actually have the second serving today for lunch.

delicious meal

delicious meal

Then I proceeded to make another meal. I had been looking at Diane’s book trying to get ideas when I noticed her oven baked chicken legs with the spicy coating. Since I can’t do spicy right now I decided to make my own coating and it came out even better than I had imagined. Here is my recipe:

oven baked chicken and roasted veggies

oven baked chicken and roasted veggies

For the oven roasted chicken you will need:

5 Chicken drumsticks

1 TBS of coconut oil

1 TBS of melted butter

Spices: 1/2 TBS rosemary mixed with 1/2 TBS Thyme. 1 TBS Paprika, 1 TBS Turmeric, and 1 TBS Cumin.

For the vegetables you will need (you can use any vegetable combination you like, but this is what I used):

1 Yellow Squash (sliced)

1 Zucchini (sliced)

1/2 Eggplant (sliced)

1 Large portabella mushroom (sliced)


Instructions (chicken)

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees

Place the 5 drumsticks in a mixing bowl. In the bowl combine all the spices and coat the chicken evenly.

spices for all !!

spices for all !!

known to reduce the risk of heart disease

known to reduce the risk of heart disease

coating the vegetables with spices

coating the vegetables with spices

On a baking sheet place on TBS of coconut oil and spread across the sheet. Once the chicken has been coated place the chicken on the baking sheet (or glass pan).

photo 2 (8)

placing the drumsticks in a glass dish

Once the butter has melted use a brush to lightly coat the drumsticks with butter and place the pan in the oven for 60 minutes.

Instructions (Vegetables)

the veggies

the veggies

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees

On a baking sheet place the sliced vegetables in any order you wish. For this recipe I placed the vegetable in horizontal rows.

Coat the vegetables with olive oil and season with spices of your choice. I used rosemary, thyme, and cumin.

Let the vegetables bake for 35 minutes.

There you have it ladies and gentleman! This meal can serve up to 4 people so enjoy it as a meal prep or for a fun night with friends and family.


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